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Dj Krush @ Bowery Ballroom

First of, this is not really a review of the night, I admit I’m probably just too biased as a long time supporter myself. It’s been quite some years since I’ve seen him perform. The one thing that has changed is his use of a laptop instead of vinyl, which some of his longtime fans might dislike. However in my opinion his “turntable witchcraft” just got a lot more playful through the use of a laptop. Mixing “smoke on the water” with the “apache” break, mashing up “organ donor” and “kemuri” and all the other sounds and noises that accompany a dj Krush set – what’s there not to like? Playing a two hour set including a lot of his own material and a 20 minute classic hip hop intermission made this night well worth the 20$. I’d strongly suggest to pay him a visit if he decides to come to your town!

btw: although filming was prohibited, a couple of people caught a few moments of the set and I’d guess some of it will end up on youtube – with varying quality.

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